Sanitation Design and Implementation

Pour flush demonstrations in Mpumalanga and throughout South Africa

Project: Design and construction of 130 Pour Flush Demonstration toilets in Piet Retief under Mkhondo Local Municipality and another 130 toilets in Carolina under Chief Albert Luthuli Local Municipality. These toilets are designed so that they use as little as 2 liters of water to flush feces. For quite some time now we have built a number of these toilets in various places, and communities are very impressed with these toilets when compared to VIPs. These toilets are fitting for the South African context where potable water supply is still a challenge. We have a skilled team of six supervisors who are running the construction supervision and management side of the project. However, this project has trained and employed over sixty local laborers for general construction, bricklaying, and plumbing installation. Like any other developing idea that is still under demonstration, challenges are addressed as they come up.

Project Details

Mkhondo Local Municipality Piet Retief, Mpumalanga South Africa Chief Albert Luthuli Local Municipality Carolina,
Water Research Commission / Department of Science and Technology
Project Manager: S. Majozi
Project Value: N/A
Date Completed: Demostration started in June 2016 and should be completed at the beginning of October 2016