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Presenting Our Findings About Female Urinals

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In June, two representatives from PID attended the WISA 2018 conference: Breaking Boundaries, Connecting Ideas. We presented the findings from our recent WRC research project about the acceptability of urinals for girls and women in the South African context. We found that a vast majority of girls in school and women at taxi ranks would be interested in trying female urinals, as it would give them a more hygienic experience in public toilets. We tested LiquidGold’s gender netural toilet at a few schools in Vulindlela, where 99 percent of girls said they would use the urinals if they were available at school because they are attractive, they don’t smell, and they do not require the user to sit on an unhygienic seat. Our final report will be published soon and available on the WRC’s website. Check out this article from News24 which talks about new advancements in the use of urine as a fertliser.

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