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Royal Agricultural Showgrounds River Bank Protection

Project: Gabion structure designed and installed to protect the bank of the Dorpspruit from further erosion and to thus protect the buildings built on the bank


PID was commissioned by RAS to improve a portion of the Dorpspruit River bank, which has eroded over time due to natural causes and also the presence of buildings on the edge of the bank.


This project included a 30-metre long, 2-metre high gabion basket structure as well as structural improvements to one of the buildings. PID partnered with DUCT, a local NGO with teams working on river health, and this was the team’s first experience with gabion installation.


After this phase is completed, a similar portion downstream will also be enhanced using a similar methodology.

Symonds Stream, Detention Pond –Erosion Control Structure

Symonds Stream Detention Pond - Erosion Control Structure

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