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Faecal Sludge Management

Publications relating to faecal sludge management, including containment, emptying, transport, and end-use of faecal sludge.

Groundwater contamination

There is a widespread perception that pit latrines should not be used in areas where the groundwater is usedfor domestic water consumption. South Africa=s groundwater protocol does not forbid pit…
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The Timber Deck VIP Latrine

Seven years into the RDP, the backlog in rural sanitation has been reduced by only two percent. One of thereasons is that practitioners and communities are still mostly locked into the idea that to…
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Finding a sustainable solution to the overflowing pit problem: The role of SRF in the beneficiation of VIP sludge (WEDC 2009 paper)

Dry, on-site sanitation systems (mainly improved pit latrines) have been implemented widely acrossSouthern Africa. Until recently these systems were considered an appropriate lower cost option…
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Piloting and testing the pour flush latrine technology for its applicability in South Africa

This project investigated the potential for modifying the pour flush design, which is used widely in Asia, tomeet the needs of the South African context. The development and application of pour flush…
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Basic sanitation services in South Africa -learning from the past, planning for the future

The report includes the results of a survey of over 1 000 people from poor rural or peri-urban communities, approximately half of whom have to date benefited from government sanitation projects.…
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